Our Values

We recognise that you should demand far more from an accountant than just being good with numbers. Of course, it is taken for granted that we are good at number crunching but developing relationships and innovative solutions to help build better businesses is just as important.

At Harlands Accountants being truly client focused is more than an aspiration. We invest both time and effort in building closer relationships with our clients.

Understanding their businesses, their ambitions, and their people. The difference between an effective adviser and one that stands out from the crowd is often their ability to put themselves in their clients’ shoes. You talk, we listen. Then we advise, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

We are definitely not the right firm for everyone, and are selective about who we work with. We are very proud of what we have achieved together with our clients over the years, and only work with people where we genuinely feel we can make a difference.  If you are committed to achieving success in your business and are looking for a strong financial member for your team then we are confident we can make a difference together.

The core values we uphold throughout the business are;

  1. We Love to Learn
  2. We Engineer and Embrace Change
  3. We are Supportive