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Guide to showcasing your tech talent as you launch your business

Posted on 09/01/20  |  3 Minutes
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Starting out with your own tech business is an exciting time. You want to make the most of this opportunity, but one question keeps on coming up from prospective clients 

“Can you show me the work you have already done for others?”

And this can be a problem if you have just launched your business. As much as you don’t want to say it, the response is often 

“Err, no. I’ve just started out and don’t have anything yet.”

And this can be an embarrassing conversation to have. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are creative ways to showcase your talent and attract new business – even as a startup. So, how is this done?

Essentially, the skills that you would use to produce for a new client can be used in other ways to help you win business. Here are some ideas

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First create your personal brand

The best place to begin with all of this is to create your own brand. This works in two ways –

  1. Your brand will help you to attract customers and engage online
  2. You can refer to it as an example of your work

This is a win-win situation where you can build something that works for your own business and helps others to understand what you do. Be inventive and creative with what you do. This is a common tool in marketing to highlight the service or product offered. For many tech brands, they can showcase their talent in this way.

Try out something new 

Trying a new technique or producing something different is an ideal way to showcase your talent and have something different to demonstrate to people. When you start a new business, the one thing you probably have a great deal of is time. Use it wisely. Learning something new, developing your skills and getting more examples for your tech business will help you to showcase your talent.

This works in many parts of the tech industry and can really help you to make those connections with potential customers as you share the results on social media for all the world to see.

Friends and family can help 

Two toddlers using magnifying glasses

Speak to your friends and family about your new tech business. Keeping the fact that you are launching a business fresh in the minds of those closest to you will mean they are always ready to help you. Providing a service at a lower cost for friends and family is a fantastic way to build up a portfolio of work to help showcase your business.

Word of mouth really sells, so asking your friends and family to follow you on social media and spread the word will also help you to build that vital level of awareness that can boost your tech business in a short space of time.

Get involved with the community

Depending on what part of the tech sector you operate in, there may be community projects that you could get involved in. Giving something back to the community is a heart-warming experience. In addition, it can provide a project to use in your marketing and when talking to prospects.

Think about how you can develop these relationships where you offer support in your local area as well as get something that shows off your talent. The publicity will really help to establish you as a major player in the tech industry in your area and can open doors even if you don’t have a portfolio of work to fall back on.

Build testimonials quickly 

Laptop on a desk with two monitors

We all have to start somewhere. And one way to start to build a portfolio for your tech company is to ask your first clients for testimonials of your service. Nothing speaks that you have done an excellent job like a testimonial. Your customers might not see the importance to you, so the first step on the road to a great testimonial is to ask for one.

This will give you some words about how your customer felt to add to details about the work you carried out. Ask the question and see how far this can take you!

Having those conversations with prospective clients needn’t be uncomfortable. There are ways of building a portfolio of work to showcase your tech talent as you launch your business. Think about how you can achieve this.