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Imagine what your business could do with £35,000

Posted on 14/11/19  |  3 Minutes
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Thirty-five grand. Back from the tax man. No strings attached. And all it could take is a bit of my time? Whose leg are you pulling? But our R&D tax solutions can help you get mega cash back into your business in a matter of weeks. Who Else Wants to Know the Mystery Behind R&D Tax Solutions? I’m sure we all want to find out at least a little more.

If you read on the internet that a company will get you £35k back from the tax man, then the first thought that probably comes into your head is ‘scam.’ The saying goes, “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.”

But with R&D tax solutions there isn’t a great deal to worry about. It has actually been around since 2000. We listen to you talk about your business and don’t charge a penny until you have the money safe and secure back in your business. We don’t charge an upfront fee. We don’t even charge a fee if we are unsuccessful. Think about how R&D tax solutions could also be business solutions for you.

Imagine What Your Business Could Do With £35,000 

R&D light bulb illustration

R&D tax solutions bring quick cash to your business. It can take as little as 4 to 6 weeks to get the money back from the tax man and into your bank account. So, think about –

Employing some sales people to help you grow. It can be a risk taking on more staff. You never know what’s around the corner. If you get a cash injection from the HMRC, and know that it’s going to be there for years to come, then you can recruit with more confidence.

Rewarding your team. If you have had a good year, then you want to motivate your employees to more success in the future. Using your R&D tax credit claim to reward this that have contributed to that success seems like a great way to put this money to good use. R&D tax solutions can go a long way. The average size of a claim for the businesses we represent is £35,000.

Developing new products or services. Every business owner has an idea of where they would like to take their company in the future. Cashflow can often get in the way of making this happen. Getting a cash injection through R&D tax credits can transform your dreams into a reality. Think about how to make this money work as hard as you do.

Paying off debts. Small and medium sized businesses can be crippled by debts. Repaying the interest takes vital capital out of the company. Having access to cash can give the opportunity to pay off debts and put the business on a more even footing again. Consider the tax implications of this by speaking to our expert team now.

Taking some money out of the business. You may have worked incredibly hard yourself. Taking a holiday, buying a new car or treating the family all feel like the hard work has been worth it. Your R&D tax claim can be taken from your business for you to enjoy as you wish – if you wish. Speak to us about the most tax-efficient way to do this.

Investing in more R&D. If research and development has benefitted your business, then continuing it can help you to grow again in the future. R&D tax credits are funded by the government to the tune of billions right up to the 2020/21 tax year and probably beyond. So, making R&D an integral part of your business planning only makes sense.

R&D illustration with cogs and buildings

R&D tax solutions 

There are schemes out there that do seem too good to be true and can cost businesses their hard-earned cash. If you have concerns about something like this, then the police have set up the Action Fraud website to report it.

But R&D tax solutions don’t come under this banner. They are administered by the government and paid by the HMRC. R&D tax credits have become a reality for many businesses. They are using the money in some of the ways above, or coming up with their own ideas about what their business could do with £35,000. How nice would it be to have the tax man giving you money for a change?