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What's your perfect response?

Posted on 17/11/20  |  30 seconds
Image of news man holding microphone

Here’s a 30 second read that should spur you on to do your very best work. It references a perfect moment in the life of Joseph Heller, author of one of the greatest books ever written, Catch 22. Here’s what Heller said to a smirking journalist. And it’s all the encouragement you need not only to do world class work, but to also somehow hone your ability to devise comebacks as snappy and as brilliant as this one. 

Here at Harlands we really like clever, creative people. But we’re not so keen on jealous ones. Or those that try to put other people down.

So we really do like what Joseph Heller was heard to say to a smirking journalist. An impolite and disrespectful journalist that was, apparently, looking to make a name for themselves.

Heller – politely – manages to silence them with just two, perfect words.

Journalist: “So; Mr. Heller. Why is it that you have never written anything as good as your acclaimed novel ‘Catch 22’?”

After a suitable pause.

Heller: “Who has?”