Travel and Transport Business

Increased Sales Per Year


Saved Tax


We have provided a range of services to this business however the 3 key services are listed below;

1) Refined Sage Line 50 financial system by drilling down into financial projections to understand key revenue streams in three key areas of their business.  Amended nominal structure, reporting lay out and data entry systems in order to produce month end reports that highlight how each of the three key areas have performed.  Currently working on developing project driven reporting around specific assets so they can further understand where their margin.

2) Introduced a cash based reporting system to help the owners generate cash – a heavy capital investment programme had left them short of cash and struggling to understand why as they were profitable.  We created cash based reports which allowed them to see monthly cash outgoings and make better decisions on financing their asset purchases.  We also advised on specific tax issues that would arise as a result of the reduced level of annual investment allowances available on their capital purchases – we orchestrated an incorporation at the back end of 2011 saving in excess of £250,000 in taxes and allowing the directors to draw down income over a 2.5 year period free from tax.

3) During the last 3 years they have acquired three businesses and we have assisted with the due diligence as well as a commercial review of the acquisition strategy.  All three have been successful in generating bottom line and been integrated within their existing structure.