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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

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Business owner and accountant discussing the owners finance options

10 ways to get the best value out of your accountant


So you might think that your accountant should just complete your year end report and send you an invoice. Well actually that is really just the very basics. To get the most from your accountant you need to think of them as more of an addition to your business, like a partner more than a simple asset. They should know your business well and be able to offer advice to help you grow.

One thing is for sure you need an accountant that knows the current rules and regulations and of course keeps up to date with every aspect of accounting. But beyond that how can you use your accountant to actually help  your business? Our guide, 10 ways to get the best value out of your accountant gives you some helpful tips that you can challenge your accountant on. Do they know about current funding options available to you, do they help you out with your business plan, do they make the most of the cloud and up to date accounting options so you know exactly what you owe and when? Accounting these days is more than just the basics and our guide can help you understand how to make your accountant more of a business advisor.

As a business owner you are not short of daily tasks and usually the last thing you want is to deal with accounting tasks. However you need to understand where your business is at financially and if you can work closely with your accountant and feel confident then you can concentrate on the most important aspect, running your business.

Use our guide to get the most from your accountant today and start concentrating on running and growing your business with the help of your accountant.

What’s included in the guide

  • Explaining your expectations - it's a two way process
  • Asking questions and don't be afraid to challenge
  • Getting the added value from your accountant and utalising their contacts
  • Delegating, shopping around and seaking advice
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