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7 steps to financing your start up business


Establishing a solid financial base for your business should be one of the first tasks every start-up turns to.

If you have an amazing idea for a start up then your excitement might soon turn to disappointment when you start to think about financing. Financing for Start Ups can be tricky but our 7 step guide is full of inspiration about where to look and how to start thinking about finance.

Financing can make the difference between a start up success or failure in the early years and can help you to grow your business to where you want to be. Unless you are financing the business yourself or already have the funds available there is a good chance you will need to consider your financing options at some point down the line.

As a start up you know that you need finance to grow. Not only that but you need business plans, an understanding of your short and long term borrowing and your position on loans and overdrafts. Having an understanding of what is available and what works best for your company is the first step and our guide will help you with that.

It’s never easy to ask for money and it can be a real problem for a business to borrow from the wrong place and not understand the issues it can bring. On the flip side the right financing options can transform your business, whether you are a one person operation or a high tech manufacturing plant. Having the correct funding in place can ease stress as a business owner and give you the confidence to push the business.

Download our guide on financing for start ups and see how you could bring in much needed funds to grow your start up and have the financing to allow you to get on with what you do best, run your business.

What’s included in the guide

  • Helping you work out how much you need
  • Assess which funding is suitable
  • Sorting out investment finance
  • Working with your bank
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