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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 128

The Home of Champagne & Sparkling Wine

In this episode we speak to founder of Glass of Bubbly and Champagne Collectors, Christopher Walkey.

Christopher has a passion for Champagne and sparkling wines along with pairing them with foods. A multi award winning marketeer with a string of successful start-up and investment concepts. Now focused on a passion that is Glass of Bubbly and travelling internationally reviewing sparkling wines, pairing menus and venues.

Glass of Bubbly has evolved to become one of the biggest names promoting the glorious and ever expanding world of Champagne and sparkling wines. From a simple start up idea via a husband and wife team with big hearts and passion for the subject, they have become one of the busiest names showcasing some of the finest fizz from around the globe, helping to highlight wonderful sparkling wine regions, the diversity of producers and the amazing aromas and flavours each corner of our earth can provide us.

Champagne Collectiors, Founded by Christopher and a small group of first round investors with a unique online concept enabling:

  • Multi-level auction formats from non-disgorged direct from original cellars to consumer sales with no history.
  • Quality controlled review notes and scoring to guarantee expert tasting notes from fellow connoisseurs across an in-depth database of Champagne House vintages.
  • Member profile building including tokens towards purchases via reviews and article submissions. The ranking system not only gives members the opportunity to discovers some of the rarest vintage labels, but also exclusive invites to once in a lifetime Champagne and food experiences.

During the conversation with Christopher, we discuss:

  • Getting into the fizz sector
  • How a brand makes bottles famous
  • The fizz awards
  • Investing in wine and the demand
  • Expectations of the marketplace for the future
  • Next stages for the brands