“Harlands have been our accountants for over 11 years and regularly provide advice they consider beneficial to our business.  None has been more valuable than steering us through the R&D tax credit process.  Glyn and Joanne provided us with in-depth knowledge of the background of the credits and specifically what the Inland Revenue sought to achieve, that is to reward SME’s to invest in genuine in-house research and development, with the end result of improving scientific and technical standards, so winning more work and increasing revenue.

Whilst there have been clear financial benefits from our R&D programme, as a technical company the major benefit is that the results of our internal R&D has proved an enormous success in acquiring new high quality work. In particularly, it has enabled us to be incorporated into the project team for major projects which require an excellent technical service from a business able to deliver in an acceptable time scale.  Our focus on excellence, both internally with our R&D, and externally to our clients, has resulted in significant returns, not just financially, but providing the motivation to our team from being involved in many major national projects.”

David Cullen, Roof Rite

I recently requested the services of Michael McGee and the Harlands team; being a small business it is extremely important that our cash flow is closely monitored. Over the last 2-3 years we have spoken to our accountant about this on a number of occasions, with nothing being done about it. Michael came to my house, and within that 1 hour meeting, he had already given me confidence, as he clearly has some good ideas.

He has already made a difference to the short term cash flow, and has fantastic and easily achievable ideas for the long-term finances of the business. I most definitely look forward to working with Michael in the near future.


James Miller, Spotty Dog

“I have recently used the services of Michael McGee at Harlands Accountants, and would like to thank him for the great service provided. Having little knowledge of how to go about getting asset finance for a machine I was purchasing, Michael was excellent. I got the funding I needed for my new CNC machine which will hopefully help me grow my business. I’d like to say thanks again for the help, and I’d recommend Michael’s services to anyone in my position.” 

Jon Dowd – Forensis

I found our meeting very reassuring. Was nice to actually feel our accountant was being proactive and cared – we havnt had that feeling for many years!


Helen Taylor – Forensis

Yesterday was a really helpful meeting and we are very reassured with the advice and plans you have for us

Alex Viner, Activ Zone

Following on from a year end accounts meeting Alex emailed Glyn Davison, Managing Director to say

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic accountancy firm you have developed. Jordan was brilliant yesterday (a real star in the making!), his presentation of my accounts was excellent! Philip was as brilliant as ever, full of ideas and incredibly motivating. It is a pleasure to come to the office and I always leave feeling motivated. I’m not sure I would get that level of service at another firm.”

Deborah Hodgson, Cuba Lily

In our business the ability to identify key areas within the Company is vital. The Consolidated budgets and cash flow forecasts (that Michael/Harlands have prepared) have given us a real overview of the Company as a whole as well as the ability to look at individual store performance. This in turn has allowed us to set realistic targets for our sales teams based on achievable figures and past performance.

Linked with the accountancy software held by the Company, the impact of the budgets and cash flow forecasting has been invaluable to us in maintaining stability and achieving growth. Having this information readily accessible, and to hand, is of great benefit to the Directors when it comes to comparing actual versus budget, via monthly financial reporting, and allows them to react quickly and take greater control of cash flow. It is now easy to pinpoint areas in which there may have been overspending as well as analysing how useful other expenditure has been especially in terms of advertising.

It has educated us to know the fundamental difference between cash and profit and allowed us to focus very much on the here and now as well as the future.  We’ve literally never looked back since and will continue to refine the Budgeting process with Harlands in the future.  We would recommend any business owner, serious about building a better business and achieving its growth potential, to get in touch with Harlands 

Joe Zazzetta, Sustain Landscapes

Harlands have acted as our business accountants since 2009. Over the last five years we have found them to be extremely conscientious in understanding the nature of our business and of great help in advising us on our business expansion plans. Harlands have worked closely with Sustain Landscapes to provide a multiyear overview which can be replicated in our own computer systems giving us the ability to track business performance on a monthly basis. The quality of this business service and Harlands continuous commitment to our business needs was highlighted most recently when Sustain Landscapes applied to UK Steel for a grant and business loan.  The process required detailed business forecasts which Harlands were able to supply. We are delighted that our application was successful  enabling Sustain Landscapes  to proceed in constructing purpose built premises to facilitate further business expansion. We have no hesitation in recommending the service supplied by Harlands.

Steve Davidson, Steve Davidson Advertising

When thinking about setting up the business,  a good friend recommended Harlands,  At the first meeting with Michael and Glyn they didn’t talk to me once about their business,  they focused on me, my ideas and why clients would want to use our service. From that day that’s the way it’s always been. Harlands focus on  your personal and business objectives every single piece of advice we receive of them has that in mind. We have recommended them in the past and will continue to do so in the future

Ingrid Taylor, Integritas

‘I set up a small business with my husband some three years ago and since then we have been supported by Philip Murray at Harlands as our accountant during the early stages when setting up the company and on an ongoing basis. Philip really understands our business. Both he and the team provide an excellent service during end of year discussions, preparation of accounts, tax calculations etc. Philip has also been available to respond quickly to any queries we may have throughout the year, providing sound advice on investments, dividends, tax and pay and has helped in planning for the future. All of this has provided the reassurance small companies often need: that is that we are doing the right thing when it comes to financial matters’.

David McClure, MAC Security

The support and help not only with the accounts has been fantastic but the business advice and on going forward planning has been a great help. So if you want to improve keep going in the same direction with a great team of professionals.

Fran Williams, Director, BLS Electronics Ltd

I have known Glyn for almost 4 years and in that time he has been a fabulous accountant and advisor to us in both our businesses.  

What I have come to appreciate recently is Glyn’s incredible talent for coaching, and the way he poses questions that really make you think deeply and often at length about what you want to achieve and how you plan to do it.  The effect is like coming out of a wall of ‘fog’, and when that reality hits, it is so empowering.

In my opinion this is a rare and remarkable talent.

Paul Carter, Get Carter Productions Ltd

As part of the businesses strategic development and during discussions in our quarterly review meetings with Glyn and Michael we identified a need to develop our systems in relation to managing our teams’ performance.   We engaged Harlands to work with us to implement their performance management system and once again Harlands have provided excellent support, advice and knowledge to help me build a better business and I can honestly say I feel more in control than I have ever felt before.

Margaret Kay, Lilydale Pet Supplies Ltd

Excellent, friendly service. While we are a small business we always are made to feel our business is valued, we feel that Harlands care about us.

Maria Potts, Finance Director, AMH Workspace Ltd

We first attended a Harlands seminar appropriately entitled ‘Changing the Numbers’ over 3 years ago & came away thinking that compared to our current accountants, they had a grasp of a lot of the things that seemed to be totally missing in our company! Consequently, we decided to become clients.

Since then we have been greatly impressed with the level of enthusiasm and commitment to our business, demonstrated by all of the Harlands team, in particular Phil, Kevin and  Michael.  Their pro-active strategic approach has brought about major improvements to both our internal systems & people, making a huge impact on the way we work.

Not only can we see real benefits in our working practices, but we also have tangible evidence, in that by having Harlands on board, we really have managed to improve performance levels & profitability.

Thanks guys!

Mark and Melanie Atkinson, M J & A Taylor Pharmacy Ltd.

Harlands have provided accountancy and financial planning services and advice to us for more than 20 years, during which we have built up a reliable and most importantly trusted relationship. We were in fact Ian Harland’s first clients. We look forward to our regular meetings with the team even during difficult times as we know they have our best interests at heart and provide sound, responsible advice. They always listen to our individual needs and give well considered planning for both business and personal finances. I hope that the next 20 years will be as enjoyable for us both as the past as we continue to work together for a profitable future.

Keep up the good work!

Lynsey Weatherburn, The Boathouse

Harland’s have really helped us understand how to look after the financial side of the business – they advised we move to a much more efficient process and they handle everything – all we need to do is send them 1 spreadsheet a week and all our paper invoices monthly (which we will be scanning in very soon).  We love the Xero system and are starting to make decisions based on financial figures which are up to date and accurate. We now feel in control and confident we can grow the businesses profitability.

Terry Charlton, Turfcare Specialists Ltd

Mr T Charlton came to us after 12 years of establishing his business but making low profits.  Since we got involved, the noticeable achievements and results are:

After the first year of Harlands being appointed, Mr Charlton’s turnover REDUCED by £100,000 and NET PROFIT increased by £70k. The directors have reduced their time involved. Their customers happily accepted a price increase because they were so happy with the service they were getting. The business has been strengthened by bringing Mr Charlton’s two sons into the management team to help with the directors duties and a sales director has been appointed.
They are on target to increase profit even further in the coming year.

Michael McNicholas, FM Coatings Ltd

“Excellent service all round. 10 out of 10”.

Joy Bell, Durham Inns Group

“We are all really happy with the support we have received from Harlands and we look forward to working with you all in 2013. You have no idea how good it is to be able to contact you all with our queries, you are all so approachable.”

“If you had been our accountant 15 years ago we would have been retired by now with enough money in the bank never to have to work again.”

“This is the first meeting with an accountant I have actually enjoyed in the last 20 years!”

Claire Glynn – Director, 4th Aspect Limited

We work with Phil ongoing in raising finance for our new business venture. He is very keen and has lots of energy! Phil is very forward thinking and pro-active as well as being very knowledgeable.

Huw Evans, MD, Arnia Ltd

From the very first meeting Phil was able to give us great advice on how to best structure the accounting and management reporting requirements for a VC backed business. We have always received solid advice and appreciate all the time that Phil invests with us to fully understand our business and its changing needs. Furthermore, the business case created was paramount to the investment raised as part of round 2.