Benchmarking Service

Our market leading Benchmarking service is based on the co-funded research performed by the UK’s most forward thinking accountants and the biggest most reliable database of benchmarking data available in the UK.

We will produce a customised report comparing your business to others in the same sector.

It will allow you to understand your strengths and weaknesses across 17 key performance indicators, allowing you to focus on improving the performance the profit and cashflow of your business.

There are various different reports we can produce depending on the amount of detail you require and the specific areas of your business you would like to focus on, however the real value is derived from the actions you can take from our advice arising from the findings. We can help you to learn how to emulate the success of your competitors.

As part of our core accounting package every client has access to an annual benchmarking review. If you do not receive this type of analysis from your existing advisers contact us for a free report.