Corporate and Partnership Tax

The last thing you want in your business is to have valuable time and resources tied up with routine bookkeeping and accounting.

Specific tax issues you might want us to review with you include:

  • deciding on the most appropriate structure for your business (sole trader, LLP, company for example)
  • share option schemes
  • making the most of tax reliefs which might be available to your business
  • tax efficient ways of rewarding partners and employees.

You can rely on us to help you with all aspects of business tax compliance so that you can concentrate on doing the things you are good at. Our tax compliances services cover areas such as;

  • preparing unincorporated business accounts to complete a tax return
  • preparing corporation tax returns
  • advising on payment due dates and how much to pay
  • dealing with general HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) matters
  • advising you if you’re selected for an HMRC investigation.