Research & Development Tax Credits (R&D)

We have assisted limited company clients in accessing R&D tax credits reliefs, which currently run at a rate of 230% for all qualifying expenditure.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to employ scientists to have qualifying R&D expenditure.  A positive response to ANY of the following questions would imply that a claim might be possible:

  1. Do you develop new products or processes?
  2. Do you create new or improved products?
  3. Do you duplicate existing products or processes in an appreciably improved way?
  4. Have you made advancements in your field of work?
  5. Do you employ technical staff, engineers, software developers or scientists?
  6. Do you consider the company to be technically innovative?

There are strict time limits for making claims and so an early review maximises the relief captured. Working alongside Lumo we have completed 100’s of successful claims and our clients have received over £15,000,000 in refunds