Matt Sokell

I’m truly grateful for the support I have received from Harlands in my time with them, and have recently recommended your services to a number of colleagues. This is simply because you’ve made a dreaded time of year a lot less painless and I know there are plenty of people out there who can benefit from your services.

Fran Williams, Perspective Business Centres Ltd

Deciding to work with Harlands for our start up business was a thought about decision as money was tight and they cost a little more than perhaps other traditional accountants.  The key to making the right decision was their wealth and breadth of experience in so many aspects of the financial world and they have proven invaluable in helping me establish and build a better business and staying in control of the process during the stressful, time pressured and out of control period that everyone has to go through to step out of their comfort zone and start a new business.

When combined with my own drive, creative mind and passion for bringing my vision alive we make a powerful team and one that gives me the confidence to continue to believe and progress Perspective Business Centres into a dynamic and successful business in a growing market.  Together we have embarked on a Growth Accelerator engagement to secure the finance required to establish the business into years 2 and 3 and again we couldn’t have done this without Harlands Accountants support and guidance.  I would strongly recommend before you decide on which accountant to use for your start up business, talk to Harlands – their quality, experience and value are well proven and might just make the difference between success and failure.

Paul Carter, Get Carter Productions Ltd

As part of the businesses strategic development and during discussions in our quarterly review meetings with Glyn and Michael we identified a need to develop our systems in relation to managing our teams’ performance.   We engaged Harlands to work with us to implement their performance management system and once again Harlands have provided excellent support, advice and knowledge to help me build a better business and I can honestly say I feel more in control than I have ever felt before.

Margaret Kay, Lilydale Pet Supplies Ltd

Excellent, friendly service. While we are a small business we always are made to feel our business is valued, we feel that Harlands care about us.

Craig Thomson, MSC International Ltd

I have worked with Glyn for a number of years now and with his assistance have set up 2 new international businesses, I would therefore have no reservations about recommending his services. A very personable and approachable character, Glyn has shown himself to be been highly supportive and capable in both setting up complex international businesses as well as designing and managing user friendly financial management accounts. In addition to being a key financial administration management interface Glyn’s solid knowledge base in taxation regulation has also proved invaluable in helping to create streamlined efficient businesses. Glyn has a fantastic work ethic in terms of identifying opportunities and proactively driving in mutual benefit, a real family man he seems to have mastered the impossible task of creating an ideal work.

Joy Bell, Durham Inns Group

“We are all really happy with the support we have received from Harlands and we look forward to working with you all in 2013. You have no idea how good it is to be able to contact you all with our queries, you are all so approachable.”

“If you had been our accountant 15 years ago we would have been retired by now with enough money in the bank never to have to work again.”

“This is the first meeting with an accountant I have actually enjoyed in the last 20 years!”

Huw Evans, MD, Arnia Ltd

From the very first meeting Phil was able to give us great advice on how to best structure the accounting and management reporting requirements for a VC backed business. We have always received solid advice and appreciate all the time that Phil invests with us to fully understand our business and its changing needs. Furthermore, the business case created was paramount to the investment raised as part of round 2.