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James Tennant of Converge
Episode 48

James Tennant - Content marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic

Thursday 7th May, We recorded the 2nd of our series of Zoominar's during the COVID 19 Lockdown with James Tennant, Founder of content marketing platform, Converge.

Content marketing is essential for businesses. Perhaps even more so under the current circumstances.

The usual methods of getting your message out may now not be available, face to face meetings are now via video calls as we adapt to this new virtual world.

James Tennant shared with us how businesses can create or adapt a content strategy during baffling times.

A little more about James:

James is a content marketer and copywriter helping companies and organisations of all sizes and disciplines create and share great content to educate, inspire and bring value to their audiences. 

He has written and edited content, as well as designing content strategies for the like of eBay, Gumtree and the UK Government. James loves talking on various aspects of content marketing and is a columnist for the Content Marketing Institute.

During the session, James shared with us

  • What a content marketing strategy is
  • Things to be aware of when black swan events occur
  • How to create or adapt a content marketing strategy during coronavirus pandemic
  • Examples of good and bad content during the current coronavirus pandemic
  • Useful tools to better understand your audience