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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 52

Fenwick Smith - Save Time - Save Money

In this episode of the Evoling Accountant Podcast, we talk to Fenwick Smith, CEO - FloKi Health.

Whilst FloKi is a private company, we are bound by the same NHS mantra to ‘making a difference to the lives of patients and clinicians.’ A high-ranking selection criteria for the FloKi team is to have passion to make a difference, using skills, determination and vision to improve the state of the nation.

During the interview, we speak about:

  • The journey of Fen and why he gets out of bed every morning
  • Why FloKi Health started and what the trigger was
  • Why FloKi Health could make a difference to everyone of our lives
  • The biggest challenges to the NHS
  • The next level for FloKi
  • Looking back at things and recommended reading