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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 129

Titanic Brewery - From 7 barrels to over 4 million pints a year!

Hailing from Staffordshire, two beer aficionado brothers, Keith and Dave Bott, known for their unwavering standards when it comes to a good pint, take the helm at Titanic Brewery.

Their commitment to beer excellence led them to an unconventional path – acquiring Stoke's brewery and personally overseeing its operations.

With three decades of brewery management under their belts and a workforce of approximately 250 locals, Keith's dedication still sees him mashing in each morning at the brewery (provided you're an early riser to witness it), while Dave is frequently found constructing bars and giving our pubs, both existing and newly added to our portfolio, a fresh coat of paint.

In this episode, we sit down with David Glenwright of Titanic Brewery to delve into the world of beer. Our conversation explores:

  • David's journey into the drinks industry
  • The brand's underlying purpose
  • Titanic Brewery's unique bod cafe-bar concept and the reasons behind its creation
  • Strategies for maintaining the brand's appeal to younger generations year after year
  • The remarkable growth story, going from 7 barrels to over 4 million pints annually
  • A glimpse into what lies ahead for the brewery's future endeavors.