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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 108

Born out of a passion for food

Caspar Rose, Co-Founder of The Wellness Group, Fresh Fitness Food and The Detox Kitchen

From producing 12 meals a day in a pokey Notting Hill flat, Fresh Fitness Food has grown into the UK’s #1 bespoke nutrition brand. Now they deliver cooler bags of nutritious food every single day, helping transform the lives of busy people, just like you.

They are on a mission to help people see, understand and consume food in a totally new way. They hope that their food inspires people to eat healthier for good, to make better choices and to be conscious of where their food comes from.

To the Wellness Group food isn’t just food. It is a pathway to better energy levels, sharper mental clarity, improved mood, better health and well being.

During the chat with Caspar, we discuss:

  • The journey of Caspar and The Wellness Group
  • Serving 100,000 meals a month across 4 plans; Lean Gains, Fat Loss, General Health and Build Muscie.
  • Getting the best from yourself with productivity hacks.
  • What's around the corner for The Wellness Group
  • Recommended reading, podcasts and mindset