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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of inside Maki & Ramen Restaurant
Episode 104


Maki & Ramen was founded by Teddy Lee. His journey began as a Chef, studying in a sushi academy in Tokyo, with an aim to introduce high-quality ramen and sushi to our local communities. With hard work, resilience, and a solid team, he founded the first MAKI & RAMEN in 2015. It is proudly standing today alongside other branches, serving hundreds of hungry customers each and every day. 

Now that they have extended their reach around the UK, Maki & Ramen’s objective is simple: to provide delicious, accessible, and high-quality dishes to all their guests. Teddy believes they can get there, one bowl, or one sushi plate at a time.

During the conversation with Teddy, we discuss:

  • Teddy's journey
  • Opening the first restaurant
  • Being 'Insta' Ready
  • Followed by opening many more (quickly)
  • Behind the scenes in the factory with production speeds
  • What's coming soon for Maki & Ramen
  • Recommended reading