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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Reds True Barbecue
Episode 100

The Gospel of Reds True Barbecue - LET THERE BE MEAT

Opened in September 2012, Reds operates sites across the U.K. offering authentic and tasty US-style barbecue smoked and served on-site by our team of Pit Masters and Barbecue Evangelists. They use their own mix of authentic Rubs, Spices and Sauces with all meats prepped and smoked on-site.

Reds also operate a full retail range of rubs and sauces available in  supermarkets as well as the Sunday Times Bestselling BBQ recipe book "Let There Be Meat".

Joined on this episode by James Douglas, Founder of Red's True Barbecue, we chat about:

  • James' journey
  • All about the Red's True Barbecue 
  • Every year taking a BBQ road trip Pilgrimage across the southern U.S. States to bring a true taste of authentic low and slow BBQ.
  • What it takes to a be a success in the FMCG industry
  • Taking advice from Richard Branson
  • Reflection on positives from the businesses journey
  • What's coming next for Red's True Barbecue