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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 116

Braver flavour in 2023 and beyond

In this episode, we talk to Mike Bagshaw, Founder & Managing Director of I.T.S (International Taste Solutions).

I.T.S stand for bringing innovative, tailor-made and bang-on-trend natural flavours to food and drinks. For making healthy food and drink taste better – and already-delicious food and drink even healthier. Getting products in more stores, more baskets and more Instagram feeds.

Specialising in Bakery, Dairy and Beverage, with clients from a mix of large, established brands through to small start-ups. Mike shares his thoughts and insights into having a braver flavour in 2023 and beyond.

During the chat with Mike, we discuss:

  • Mike's impressive journey from side hustling at school to going on your own
  • How each market sector is impacted by flavours
  • Some of the challenges for brands when inventing a product
  • Top tips for a start-up brand in the FMCG when inventing a product