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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 113

Soda with Soul


In this episode, we talk to Duncan O'Brien, Founder of Dalston's.

Staying true to their roots, the soda making process and the integrity of the liquids they use, all of our recipes are developed in-house by Duncan for people to enjoy. A recipe man at heart, Duncan felt that there had to be a way to challenge convention and make delicious drinks that didn’t use the refined sugar or sweeteners that were prevalent in the soft drinks world- working closely with our farming partners, Dalston's were very proud to launch their range in 2019 which is made from just delicious fruit and sparkling water, and less than 50 calories a can.

During the chat with Duncan we discuss:

- The functionality in food & drink and new product development
- The demand for new products
- Getting your products on the shelf of the supermarkets
- What's around the corner for Dalston's
- Advice for when you started out
- A previous guests question