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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Savora Drinks
Episode 110

Chartered Accountant turned Tequila Aficionado

In this episode, we talk to Matthew Walker, Co-Founder of Savora Drinks.

Every spirit has a mixer such as gin & tonic or rum & coke, yet tequila has no recognised mixer. Tequila-based cocktails such as margarita, paloma and tequila sunrise are amongst the most popular cocktails in the world. However, tequila is very rarely consumed with a mixer.

This ignited our concept, creating a premium mixer which is specifically crafted to compliment the flavours of tequila. After many experiments they arrived at a pairing which was always meant to be: Tequila Savora.

Savora is a premium mixer expertly crafted for pairing with Tequila. Born in Edinburgh, they strive to create a culture of sippin’ not slammin’ this beautiful spirit. 

Created to provide a sophisticated Tequila long serve, perfect for all occasions. The first mixer in the range is zesty lime & sweet agave, retaining the familiarity of Tequila being served with lime; whilst also adding subtle undertones of agave, the sole ingredient of all premium Tequilas. 

Savora puts sustainability at the forefront of our brand. They acknowledge that no individual’s environmental footprint is flawless. However, we must all play our part in considering the impact of our consumption habits.

During the chat with Matthew we discuss:

  • The journey from Accountant to Tequila Confinados
  • A defining moment that made Matthew change
  • The creation of Savora Drinks
  • Matthew's list of ideas ... that didn't make it
  • Winning Scotlands best soft drink - AHEAD OF IRN BRU!
  • Indespensable tools and productivity hacks
  • Learning from others and learning from failing.