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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of a flybox used for insect farming
Episode 112

Food Waste < Food Supply


In this episode, we talk to Larry Kotch, Co-Founder of Flybox.

Our food system is broken. But not beyond saving.

‍Flybox® was founded to give our growing population certain access to adequate food.

‍We’re in a protein crunch: The globe is predicted to experience a shortage of 60 million tonnes of protein/year by 2030. Our food supply needs to grow 70% by 2050 to meet this rising demand without depleting our natural resources.

Water and land-intensive conventional proteins like Soy simply won’t cut it. Flybox® harvests existing organic waste on-site, transforming it into a protein rich larvae that can feed our livestock, fish and pets.

Farmers, food producers and supermarkets that deploy the Flybox® Grow feed the world by turning organic waste into a new source of sustainable food supply.  That’s why we exist—to help feed the world.

During the chat with Larry we discuss:

- Growing his own Black Solider Fly Colony since 2019
- Understanding what Flybox does and why
- Can Agri tech solve the supply issue
- Personality traits to be a success
- Advice for when you started out
- A previous guests question