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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

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Image of Bella Principessa Prosecco
Episode 122

Can you name your favourite Prosecco brand?

Discover your new favorite Prosecco brand in this episode as we chat with Michael Goldstein, the dynamic mastermind behind Prosecco Ventures and Bella Principessa.

A spirited entrepreneur and connoisseur, Michael's ambitious mission is to transform Bella Principessa from merely 'bubbles in a bottle' to a universally loved lifestyle brand.

Michael's obsession with Prosecco began during a trip to Venice, where he was startled to learn that despite Prosecco's sales dominance over Champagne, few could name their preferred Prosecco brand.

Recognising the importance of presentation alongside quality, he found this aspect lacking in competitors.

This gap sparked the creation of Bella Principessa Luxury Prosecco, a brand embodying Italian charm and hospitality, designed to take pride of place at your table, as a treasured gift, and enhance any special occasion.

But as Michael reminds us, "being an entrepreneur is like leading a mission to the moon. We don't just aim for the stars; we also build the rockets that take us there."

Throughout this interview, Michael provides a raw, candid look into the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, making this episode an inspiring listen.

In this podcast, we delve into:

  • Michael's intriguing career path and his journey crafting Bella Principessa, including overcoming legal challenges.
  • The discrepancies between authentic Italian Prosecco and what usually reaches the UK market.
  • The art of getting the most bang for your buck in the wine industry.
  • Tactics for brand growth, unforgettable moments, and future brand expansion plans.