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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 119

Protein, Bodybuilding and recovering from an EBITDA LOSS of £1.1M

In this episode, we speak to Mark Harrison, Managing Director of The Protein Partners and producer of CNP Products. 

At CNP they have one mission, and that is to support you in reaching your goals. Whether that’s powering through your next training session, keeping on top of your health focused nutritional needs or when it’s time to get serious and take your sport to the next level. 

They know achieving goals like these becomes part of a lifestyle, your lifestyle, and that it is important to get the right sports nutrition made convenient, great tasting and formulated to be as effective as possible so reaching them is that one step closer. Which is why they have taken the high end formulas provided to athletes and made them theirselves in house, meaning you get the best quality products at affordable prices.

During the conversation with Mark, we discuss:

  • Mark's career to becoming the MD of The Protein Partners
  • Formed by British Bodybuilding Champion Kerry Kayes and 'that' famous photo of Kerry being between Ricky Hatton & Floyd Mayweather at the weigh-in before the fight during the time Kerry was training Ricky.
  • Bad decisions and money being wasted
  • The Business Journey and recovering from a £1.1M EBIDTA LOSS in 2018
  • Deciding on your marketing budget, spliting it between on and offline
  • Best marketing tactic vs ROI in the last 12 months
  • Forgetting about your customers whilst other products on the market are targeting them
  • 2023 product launches and info on a future product release - the CNP marketing team are now hunting us down!!
  • Taking the next step in your own personal development