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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Kathryn Bricken, Founder of Doughlicious
Episode 118

The London Dough Company - Going Global!

In this episode, we talk to Kathryn Bricken, Founder of Doughlicious.

Doughlicious aims to be inclusive. Every cookie dough flavour is 100% gluten-free thanks to our unique blend of gluten-free flours. There are also dairy-free, organic and vegan flavours. Everything is made with the finest ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives.

They produce cookies that are better for you and the environment (in a factory powered by renewable energy). Their ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to high standards of quality, animal welfare and sustainable production methods. The dough is individually portioned so you only bake what you need in order to minimise food waste (from chilled or frozen).

Kathryn Bricken, Mum and now entrepreneur, has a passion for baking. From an early age she understood how food is more than fuel; it is a way of bringing people together and making magical memories. After moving to London, Kathryn became famous amongst her friends for baking the best American-style cookies using the finest natural ingredients. She was often asked to make extra dough so that her friends could bake cookies at home. In 2014 Kathryn decided to share her secret with the rest of the UK … Thus, Doughlicious was born.

Whether you’re a cookie lover wanting to get your hands on their Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough, a keen chef waiting to get your bake on with the Savoury Biscuits, a dessert fanatic looking to cool down with their Dough•Chi or a busy body trying to satisfy your cookie cravings on the go with Snackable Cookie Dough – there’s a lot of Doughlicious products for everybody!

During the chat with Kathryn, we discuss:

- Founder Fatigue
- Trying to launch a Female led brand and the challenges that it brings
- Challenges that come when launching frozen products into hot countries (Australia & Saudia Arabia)
- The B (Brexit) Word and the challenges that it brings to a FMCG business
- Running a business whilst battling breast cancer
- Question from a previous guest