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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Episode 132


D*MN GOOD are on a mission to empower you to feed D*MN GOOD in your own skin. They're about D*MN GOOD cookies for D*MN GOOD moments.

Fueled by the founders own troubled relationship in earlier life, Evie Waxman created damn good to kick toxic diet cultures ass.

Did you knoew that 70% of us struggle with body image and self-doubt? it's time to fight those demons and embrace our worthiness. Because you are D*MN GOOD no matter what!

  • 46% are struggling with self-confidence - and more than a third 37% claim their levels of self-belief are at an all time low.
  • 1 in 3 under 18 years olds suffer with low self worth & mental health issues
  • Eating disorder cases have double in the last 5 years

During the interview with Evie, we discuss:

  • Evie's drive and ambition to get out of a bed in the morning
  • Evie's career to date
  • More about the D*MN GOOD brand
  • Inspiration to start the business
  • Challenges linked in building the business
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out
  • Evie's thoughts for the future of the healthy snacking industry