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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Nevil Tynemouth standing next to banister
Episode 55

Nevil Tynemouth - Planning your BD approach for our "new normal"

Business development, filling your pipeline and developing your sales can be challenging in the current environment. This video session gives you the tools, processes and ideas to help you improve your approach to business development in these changing times. We will help you create a clear plan and focus for you and your team helping you improve your approach, build you confidence and focus on filling your pipeline.

Having been involved with the launch of Dyson and BlackBerry in the UK and having worked as part of a FTSE100 management team for nearly a decade. Nevil is helping customers and clients by sharing his knowledge and personal experience alongside well researched, tested and highly effective training and development programmes.

Nevil has written his first book “Sales success on LinkedIn” and is working on another at the moment. He enjoys hanging out with clever people and actively pursues his“every day is a school day” saying. He is a fellow of the ISMM and believe that sales is a profession and as such we should be professional.

During the session Nevil will shared with us:

  • Seeing things from your customers perspective
  • Learning to get beyond your own assumptions and biases
  • Building trust remotely
  • Reviewing and  developing new client relationships
  • Focusing on your clients strategy
  • Developing your own focussed approach