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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Josh Puddle, Momo Kombucha Co-Founder
Episode 89

Brewed in glass and good for your gut!

In this episode, we are joined by Josh Puddle, Co Founder of Momo Kombucha.

MOMO Kombucha is certified organic (Soil Association), fermented in super-small 10L glass jars and is completely unfiltered. This is the old-fashioned, homemade way of brewing and the only way to produce the highest quality kombucha. 

It currently comes in four delicious flavours: Ginger-Lemon (2-star 2019 Great Taste Award), Turmeric (1-star) Elderflower, Raspberry - Hibiscus and is brewed in the heart of London’s New Covent Garden Market.

Josh and his wife first came across kombucha on a trip to New York back in 2016. Lisa had been reading about Gut Health and had heard that kombucha was fantastic for bringing the gut and the body back in to balance as it promotes and maintains a healthy digestive function. By the end of the trip they were hooked and were noticing positive changes that they felt were related to the kombucha - they had more energy and felt less bloated.

Back in London, they wanted to continue feeding their kombucha cravings. They decided to start brewing their own and the idea for MOMO was born. From day one they have brewed each batch in a small glass jar and always will. This is the old-fashioned way to brew and the only way to produce the highest quality kombucha.

During the chat we discuss:

  • A little bit about Josh and his career to date, including being an accountant.
  • What is Kombucha?
  • What's the benefits of drinking Kombucha?
  • Business Life - Startup to scale up, the challenges, the pitfalls, lessons in life, Josh's recommendations to anyone looking to start a business in the food and drink sector
  • Recommended learning

Finding more about Momo...