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Darren Wingfield

Darren Wingfield

Commercial Manager

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Image of Joe Woolf, Co - Founder of Tasty Mates
Episode 91

#whichmateareyou? Gourmet Gummy Sweets

In this episode, we chat to Joe Woolf, Co Founder of Tasty Mates

Tasty Mates was founded by two mates – Joe and Nick - who sought to portray their mates in sweets. That’s why each packet of Tasty Mates has a unique flavour relating to a personality trait found in many a friendship group. Whether you’re one half of The Perfect Pear, or The Berry Funny One, there is a flavour for you… and if there isn’t yet… watch this space!

Across the world there are people who are suffering and at Tasty Mates they have a dedicated initiative to help Mates In Need. They promise to donate a percentage of profits to their charitable programme 'Mates In Need' with the aim of helping those in need.

During the interview, we chat to Joe about:

  • His drive and career to date 
  • What Tasty Mates does
  • Personality traits for someone who would need to work and be a success in the FMCG sector
  • Productivity hack for entrepreneurs
  • The one thing that made the Tasty Mates business successful that wasn't expected
  • What’s around the corner for Tasty Mates
  • What Joe wished he had known when he started out
  • Recommended reading and mindset